The following aims and goals permeate all aspects of A STUDY OF HEROES:

1. Instructional Aims
2. Cognitive Goals
3. Affective Goals
4. Inquiry Goals
5. Basic Skills Goals
6. Psychomotor Goals

1. Instructional Aims

Eleanor Roosevelt

The students will:
1. Understand the concept of a "hero" and the importance of heroic acts.

2. Distinguish between the concept of "hero" and the concept of "celebrity."

3. Learn to distinguish right from wrong.

4. Gain control over their own actions.

5. Use strategies for overcoming negative peer pressure.

6. Discover and utilize their inner strengths.

7. Foster and value personal involvement in the development of nonviolent strategies for conflict resolution.

8. Value character development.

9. Share the story of Raoul Wallenberg and those of many additional heroes with others whom they know.

10. Recognize and value the potential hero within themselves and within others in their school, family, and community.



The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States