A Timeless Legacy

The stories of true heroes are timeless and must be passed from generation to generation. They provide a legacy of hope and inspiration. Raoul Wallenberg, a Christian Swede and Third Honorary Citizen of The United States, is just such a hero.


At the behest of the United States government during World War II, Wallenberg, at age 31, a businessman and artist from a prominent Swedish family, went to Budapest, Hungary in 1944. In a six month period, he saved more than 100,000 Jewish lives from the Nazis. He never resorted to violence. For yet unknown reasons, Raoul Wallenberg was arrested by the Soviets in 1945 and has never again been seen as a free man.

His fate remains a mystery.

Read the Full Story in "A Hero For Our Time"

A Hero For Our Time

A Hero for Our Time chronicles Raoul Wallenberg’s life, and is part of the Raoul Wallenberg Collection, housed in the New York Public Library

Circulates an exhibit, A TRIBUTE TO RAOUL WALLENBERG, throughout the United States.

Raoul Wallenberg’s Children
Raoul Wallenberg’s Children is about “one family” made up of the people who were directly or indirectly saved from almost certain death by Raoul during his six month odyssey in Budapest.

RW Memorials around the World
A number of Memorials to Raoul Wallenberg have been erected throughout the world.

Raoul Wallenberg Stamp Dedication
Featuring awe inspiring musical tribute of the song "Wallenberg".


The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States
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