The following aims and goals permeate all aspects of A STUDY OF HEROES:

1. Instructional Aims
2. Cognitive Goals
3. Affective Goals
4. Inquiry Goals
5. Basic Skills Goals
6. Psychomotor Goals

Harriet Tubman

5. Basic Skills Goals

The students will:

1. Develop research skills to use in the study and identification of heroes, including observational skills; technological skills; interviewing skills; data collection skills; recording skills; analytical skills; synthesizing skills; evaluation skills; writing and other communication skills; reporting skills; the ability to pose and frame appropriate and challenging research questions; the ability and skills needed to select the best research tools, resources and methods to explore and answer your research questions; skills needed to share most effectively your research findings with others.

2. Develop effective and efficient skills for writing and mailing letters and for writing reports.

3. Transfer information to, and interpret information from, maps, graphs, tables, charts, time lines, statistical representations, graphics and articles, obituaries, editorials, social commentary cartoons, and the World Wide Web.

4. Employ reading, mathematical, scientific, computer, and/or artistic techniques to analyze and communicate information to others about heroes.

5. Develop writing, journalistic, storytelling, photographic, musical, technological, dramatic, artistic, and/or oratorical skills to share the stories of real heroes with others. 



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