The following aims and goals permeate all aspects of A STUDY OF HEROES:

1. Instructional Aims
2. Cognitive Goals
3. Affective Goals
4. Inquiry Goals
5. Basic Skills Goals
6. Psychomotor Goals

4. Inquiry Goals

The students will:

Mother Teresa

1. Learn how to ask questions about heroes and then research, gather, and organize data and information about past and present heroes.

2. Investigate the traits of real heroes and learn to infer them from gathered data and information.

3. Compare and contrast attitudes about heroes from people of all ages in their community.

4. Discover, through personal reflection, their own heroic traits and strengths.

5. Develop library/research and interviewing skills to discover more about heroes.

6. Develop individual and group decision-making skills designed to encourage nonviolent, negotiated settlements to conflicts. 



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