A Study of Heroes: A Program that Inspires and Educates Through Heroic Example

A STUDY OF HEROES serves as a living monument to Raoul Wallenberg’s humanitarian values, deeds of courage and nonviolent heroism.

HEROES is a unique academic and character education program (K – 12+, Adult) revitalizing the tradition of real heroes, role models drawn from diverse historical periods, ethnicities, and areas of accomplishment. This multicultural, interdisciplinary program integrates:


“The heroes of a nation reflect the values of its people.”

Social Studies & Conflict Resolution;
Reading, Writing, & Language Arts
Character Education
The Arts
Ethical Research Strategies & Skills
Service Learning
Intergenerational Sharing
Analysis of “Hero” vs. “Celebrity”

Recognized for the exemplary way it merges character education with academics, the HEROES program has been used by over a million students in all fifty states in the USA in a broad diversity of settings ranging from: public, private and independent schools in inner-city, suburban and rural areas; all adult prisons in the State of New Jersey and in a Midwestern Federal Penitentiary; The Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf,(grades pre-K to 12); The Harlem Day Charter School; The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington; gifted, special education, ESL classes; libraries and teacher centers; and and in five foreign countries, including at The Raoul Wallenberg School in Sweden and the International School in Paris. A STUDY OF HEROES has been professionally evaluated in different settings with uniformly positive outcomes.

Through the example of Raoul Wallenberg and other multicultural heroes featured in A STUDY OF HEROES, students of all ages learn and develop:

  • Tolerance, Respect & Responsibility
  • Critical-Thinking Skills
  • Academic Skills & Artistic Expression
  • Creativity and Invention
  • The Difference between the Concepts of “hero “and “celebrity”
  • Strategies to Counter Violence, Xenophobia, Intolerance and Bullying
  • Positive responses to Negative Peer Pressure
  • Intergenerational Sharing
  • Family & Community Involvement
  • Leadership & Citizenship

Students have always learned by example. A STUDY OF HEROES offers educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom for the future leaders in America to learn the importance of immutable ethics, values and non-negotiable integrity. In doing so, students recognize heroes in their own families, schools, communities, cultures while discovering the hero within themselves.  




Creators: Carolyn Agro-Buonocore and Kathleen D. Morin
Artists/Illustrators: Carolyn Agro-Buonocore, Mark Brincefield, Kathleen D. Morin

Educators as Heroes

Generation to Generation

Heroes Holidays and Hoopla

Heroic Character Traits from A to Z

Hero of your Choice

Personal Perspectives on Heroes

The Hero Within



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