Every year, the RWCUS pays homage to Raoul Wallenberg for his heroism and humanitarian values.

The RWCUS, three days each year, ceremoniously places flowers at The Raoul Wallenberg Monument located in Manhattan (located at First Avenue and 47th Street) across from The United Nations.

These Days are:

1) HONORING the Anniversary of Raoul Wallenberg's Birthday (August 4th, 1912).

2) Paying TRIBUTE to Raoul Wallenberg Day designated to be October 5th.

3) On January 17th. noting REMEMBERANCE of the last day that Raoul Wallenberg was seen as "A Free Man" having been taken into custody (by Russian Troops operating under Stalin) outside of Budapest in 1945.

Raoul Wallenberg’s Birthday Memorials

2022 memorial

2007 memorial

Raoul Wallenberg Day Memorials

2022 memorial

2017 memorial

2016 memorial

Remembrance Day Memorials

2023 memorial

2022 memorial

2020 memorial

2020 memorial

2020 memorial

2018 memorial

2018 memorial 2018 memorial


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