The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States:

• Circulates an exhibit, A TRIBUTE TO RAOUL WALLENBERG, throughout the United States;

• Sponsored the renaming of the sidewalk fronting the United Nations as "Raoul Wallenberg Walk". First Ave & 47th Street, (between the UN and Raoul Wallenberg Way);

• Sponsored the naming of sites in several states to honor Raoul Wallenberg;

• Distributed over 80,000 free information packets on Raoul Wallenberg;

• Published A Hero for Our Time and Raoul Wallenberg's Children;

• Funded five Raoul Wallenberg International Human Rights Fellowships and a Swedish Fulbright Fellowship;

Since 1981 the Committee has funded research and worked with members of Congress, the State Department and the Swedish government, to find out the truth concerning Raoul Wallenberg’s fate.

Due to the Committee’s efforts...

• The Senate Select Committee has added Raoul Wallenberg's name to the official list of American POW's;

• October 5, 1989 was established as Raoul Wallenberg Recognition Day by Congressional Resolution;

• In 1985 the committee began work for the issuance of a United States postal stamp to honor Raoul Wallenberg, and in 1997, the stamp was issued;

The RWC continues to renew its commitment to educate the world about the selfless and brilliant deeds of this Christian Swedish hero, whose actions in Hungary on behalf of the condemned Jews of Europe have helped a people, and whose example of compassion and courage can teach all people a better way of facing the future.

The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States
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