Remember, you control the what, when, how, and why of the curricular decision-making process when using the STUDY OF HEROES resource collection. The following outline provides not only the titles of the 8 Companion Units (") and 22 Hero Profile Units (•) but also a suggested flexible instructional sequence for those who find such guidance helpful. Of course, the 22 Hero Profile Units in particular, may be used in any order.

Hero Profile Units (•)
Companion Units (")

Unit Titles in a Suggested Instructional Sequence
o Getting Started: Who Is Your Hero?
o Heroic Character Traits from A to Z

• Raoul Wallenberg
• Harriet Tubman
• Mahatma Gandhi
• Eleanor Roosevelt
• Rosa Parks
• The Dalai Lama
• Anwar Sadat
• Abraham Lincoln
• Pope John XXIII
• Chai Ling: Student at Tiananmen Square
• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• Andrei Sakharov
• Mother Teresa
• Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan
• James Cheney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner
• Jacobo Timerman
• Cesar Chavez
• Roberto Clemente
• Albert Schweitzer
• Arthur Ashe
• Chief Wilma Mankiller
• Thomas Jefferson
o A Hero of Your Choice
o A National Tradition: Heroes, Holidays & Hoopla
o Heroes: Generation to Generation
o The Hero Within Yourself
o Educators as Heroes
o Researching Heroes: Ethical Strategies, Tools & Technology

The Instructor’s Guide
can and should be used as a reference at anytime. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with its offerings when initially perusing the HEROES materials.

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