Familiarize yourself with the design and content of A STUDY OF HEROES. Freely explore what is contained in the two-binder resource collection. You will discover:

1. Twenty-Two Hero Profile Units;

2. Eight Companion Units; and

3. An Instructor’s Guide

Open several of the units and peruse the basic format and rich variety of activities offered in each. All pages are unbound and are copyrighted for reproduction within the purchasing building. This important design feature was suggested by teachers in our pilot schools. As in all schools, time was a most important commodity. To accommodate teachers’ busy schedules, HEROES instructional materials were designed to be both easy-to-use and virtual time-savers.

We suggest that you place the two-binder set in a central location where they can be easily accessed by members of the faculty and staff. Faculty lounges, libraries, as well as administrative and departmental offices have proven to be prime sites.

Even the packaging of HEROES is simple and user-friendly. The two loose-leaf binders offer separate sleeves for each unit. We suggest that instructors ‘sign out’ units and make duplicate copies for their own reference and use. They, then, return the original master copy of the unit to the binder for the next person to use. This system will keep the master set intact.
The flexible design of HEROES welcomes and incorporates new ideas from anyone who has used the materials. Add your own creative suggestions and activities to any unit by simply writing your ideas on a separate piece of paper and inserting the page at the end of the relevant unit. That way, the next person to use the HEROES unit will benefit from your experience and creativity.

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