Raoul Wallenberg Stamp Dedication Features Awe Inspiring Tribute To Holocaust Hero

Raoul Wallenberg StampHenry and Bobbie Shaffner's haunting musical tribute to World War II holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg was featured during official ceremonies on Thursday, April 24 at the U.S Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. marking the first day issue of the long awaited Wallenberg stamp.

This was the second time that the Shaffner's song, "WALLENBERG," written together with lyricist Lillian Lewis, had been performed in the nation's capitol. The United States Army Band performed the awe inspiring song last year in the Capitol Rotunda during the unveiling of Wallenberg's bust and the stamp design.

Emily Mitchell, the RCA recording artist, specially recorded "WALLENBERG" for the gala ceremonies.  Nane Annan, wife of the former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, has given the song warm praises.  Wallenberg, who is credited with saving the lives of 100,000 Jews from Nazi death camps, was her uncle.  He is believed to have perished in the Soviet Gulag.

The Shaffners have been in the forefront of a successful campaign to convince the U.S. Postal Department to issue the Wallenberg stamp.  Last year the husband and wife songwriting team presented Postmaster Marvin Runyon with thousands of stamp petitions circulated by the Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the U.S.  Their song, "WALLENBERG," is part of the Committee's widely acclaimed Heroes Curriculum currently in use in schools across the nation.

The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States