"Angel of Rescue", Los Angeles, California

Raoul Wallenberg Memorial, Linköping Sweden Photo: Ron Pyke

Wallenberg plaque Ujlipitvaros- Budapest

Stone globe in memory of Raoul Wallenberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Statue of Raoul Wallenberg, Budapest

Raoul Wallenberg memorial in Alexandra Gardens in Cardiff.

Place Raoul Wallenberg, Montreal

Wallenberg Square, Kew Gardens, Queens

Wallenberg Memorial Marble Arch, London

Memorial in Montreal, Canada

Raoul Wallenberg in Gedenkpark,
Budapest, Hungary

A monument to the memory of Wallenberg on Raoul Wallenberg walk at First Avenue and 47th street

"Righteous Gentile" in Honor of Wallenberg, Budapest, Hungary

Raoul Wallenberg, Toronto, Canada

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